What’s the Difference? – BBL & MOXI


Broadband Light (BBL) is a non-ablative laser used to treat vascular lesions, acne, rosacea, brown spots, redness and more. Each of these concerns resides at a different level in the skin; the wavelengths for the laser can be adjusted to reach the desired area specifically. 

Broadband Light (BBL) Pricing
  • Body (Requires a consultation) $500 +
  • Hands $200.00
  • Cheeks Only $200.00
  • Face (1 Hour 45 Minutes) $300.00
  • Chest (1 Hour 15 Minutes) $400.00
  • Face & Neck (1 Hour 30 Minutes) $400.00
  • Forearms $450.00
  • Hands & Forearms $600.00
  • Face, Neck & Chest (2 Hours) $650.00
  • Face, Neck, Chest & Hands $700.00


It delivers non-ablative fractional laser energy to the skin which promotes cell growth and eliminates unwanted pigment. Moxi gives users the opportunity to correct uneven pigmentation, improve their skin tone and texture, without experiencing any downtime. It’s a perfect treatment for younger patients who are serious with a skin regimen, or for those who want to rejuvenate their skin without the need to set aside a lot of time to recover. Moxi is safe to use on all skin types.

MOXI Pricing
  • Face (1 Hour 15 Minutes) $400.00
  • Body (Requires a consultation) $500.00 - $1000.00

To recap:

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